Whether you should use horse boots or not depends on the demands of the sport and your horses needs.

If your horse is hitting his legs when he moves the answer is yes he should wear boots. Should you finish a ride and your horse has cuts, scuff or dirt marks on the insides of his legs he is hitting himself with his hooves.

Most horse boots are made of neoprene as it is an easy to clean lightweight material and can be rinsed clean and offers a good fit. If your horse is going to get wet or muddy leather can become stiff and the stitching will rot and deteriate after time.

Neoprene boots should not be left on overnight as most neoprene does not breathe and your horse may sweat.

Should your horse need boots you should ensure that they have strike pads which offer protection where your horse is most likely to kick himself.

Please note that there is no scientific evidence to show that any horse boots will provide protection against intense stress or sprains to your horses legs.

Tendon Boots


Tendon Boots are mainly used for jumping as Tendon Boots will protect the horse from bumps and scrapes to the tendons especially if a pole is knocked.

Overreach Boots or Bell Boots


Overreach or Bell Boots are generally used on the front hooves for horses that overreach i.e the back hoof hits the front heel or bulb which can cause bruising and swelling. Overreach or Bell Boots cover the whole hoof and can be used for everyday riding or when a horse is turned out, they are usually made of rubber or neoprene.

Brushing Boots


Brushing Boots are designed to be used for hacking etc if your horse hits the inside of his legs when he moves. Brushing Boots will protect the inside of the horses legs from below the knee to the ankle but they won't protect the fetlock, if you see cuts or scuff marks on the inside of your horses legs he definitely needs the protection brushing boots offer.

Fetlock Boots


Fetlock boots are generally used on horses that hit their fetlock when being ridden. Fetlock boots as with Brushing and Tendon Boots also have a hard strike pad which will protect against cuts and knocks.