Horses need to be protected when travelling as it is very stressful for them and unfortunately as we know horses are extremely unpredictable and accidents can and do happen!

To make the experience as comfortable as possible for your horse you should have the following items as a minimum.

Travel Boots or Equestrian Bandages

Tail Guard

Poll Guard

Travel Rug for Horses/Summer Sheet

Travel Boots or Equestrian Bandages


For those horses who are happy wearing travel boots it is recommended that these are used when travelling your horse as they protect the legs against being knocked or damaged which can result is bruising, cuts and possibly even fractures. Travel boots are padded to ensure there is maximum protection. For those horses who will not except travel boots , Equestrian bandages with additional padding underneath should be used as an alternative. Tail Guards Tail Guard ImageTail Guards are recommended to be used when travelling as a lot of horses tend to lean back on the lorry or trailer to support themselves and will rub their tail. You do not want to have spent hours before a show cleaning your horse only to find that when you arrive his tail is dirty. Poll Guards Poll Guards are designed to protect your horses poll if he suddenly panics whilst in the lorry/trailer and rears and hits his head, this could result in a serious wound or head trauma. Travel Rug for Horses/Summer Sheet Travel Rug/Summer Sheet ImageA light travel rug or summer sheets should always be used when you are travelling as it will provide some protection for your horse and keep them warm as when travelling even if it is a warm day it will be cooler when moving. Optional Extra's could include: Fly Masks Hook Boots Knee Boots Overreach Boots