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Black Leather Economy Leather Breastplate with running martingale attachment

Why Use A Breastplate?

Most riders use a breastplate when eventing or jumping as it provides more stability to the saddle by stopping it slip backwards.  When the horse jumps it may shape itself in a way that causes the saddle to slip backwards.

How to Fit a Breastplate

Attach the breastplate to horse and saddle, on Y shaped breatplates the centre of the Y will sit slightly above the centre point of the chest.

Go around the breatplate at various places and ensure that your fist will fit between the horse and the breastplate if it doesn't it is too tight.

On the strap going across the horses neck pull it straight up and it should have 3-4 inches of give.

The strap to the girth on the breastplate should hang 2-3inches below the horse but not much more.

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