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Market Harborough-Black-Full

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"The Market Harborough for horses is a leather training aid that includes reins which may be leather or continental.

Why Use It?

The market harborough for horses training aid works like a running martingale when the horse is working correctly, but when needed the horses head is drawn down and onto the bit, it works a bit like draw reins but it allows more freedom of the horses neck and back. The Market Harborough for horses is extremely useful when used on horses that have a tendency to be over strong and so is brilliant for adding control, particularly on horses which fling their heads up when approaching a jump. It does not restrict the horse's natural head/neck back movement over the jump so is particularly good for jumping or just for peace of mind during everyday use.  It is a valuable training aid when used for schooling as it fits around the horses neck like a standard running martingale with the usual adjustment that you would find on a martingale. Instead of the martingale having 2 rings for the reins to run through, each branch which is slightly longer than in a martingale, ends in a clip. The Market Harborough reins have d rings along them and the clips are run through the bit rings and clip back to the appropriate D ring on the reins.
The market harborough for horses has been used for generations and is permitted for use in many competitions."
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