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NAF Devils Relief 1L

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NAF Devils Relief's role is to promote circulation essential in areas that have become worn. NAF Devils relief does not contain phenylbutazone (bute), it is a combination of liquid herbal extracts and tinctures.

It is based on the herb Devils Claw and contains cayenne which is an essential anti oxidant. Devils Relief is used for bumps, knocks, bruises and strains. NAF Devils Relief may be of particular use to the older horse as it can assist in nutritionally supporting the suppleness as older horses can be more prone to stiffness which could be associated with poor digestion and absorption of specific feed ingredients which are essential for optimal joint health.

The nutritional ingredients used in NAF Davils Relief are known to support healthy circulation. Poor circulation, which occurs whenever there is an inflammatory condition, can reduce joint flexibility and freedom of movement. The strongly bitter action of this formulation stimulates and tones the digestive system

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