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NAF Garlic Granules 1.4kg

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NAF Garlic Granules - Garlic has been used for many centuries due to its wide ranging properties. It is possibly the best known and most widely used herb in the world. Garlic contains high levels of sulphur which benefit skin and hair and is a good source of vitamins A, B1, B2, and C,enzymes, minerals and trace elements, it also helps to support the respiratory and immune systems and cleanse the skin and blood. It is also believed that garlic may help to repel flies who seem to dislike the aroma. NAF Garlic Granules contain 100% pure American garlic which is twice as strong as cheaper varieties, they are an economic source as only half as much is needed.

Feed 1 to 2 measures (15-30 g) per day. 1 measure weighs approximately 15g
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