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Running Martingale

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Black Economy Running Martingale leather. The running martingale is designed to stop the horse or pony from lifting it's head so far up it may hit the rider.  It is normally used when hacking however you can also use the running martingale for jumping.

The running martingale features a leather strap that is attached to the girth it then goes through the horses legs before dividing into two pieces, these have a metal ring on each end through which the reins run. This is held in place by a neck strap
The running martingale should have approximately an inch of slack when the horses head is in it's normal position, you will know it is correctly adjusted as the reins will make a straight line from the riders hand to the bit rings when the horse or pony' head is at the correct height.

What is the running martingales purpose?
If your horse throws their head and is in danger of hitting you in face when doing so the running martingale will aid in ensuring this can not happen by adding leverage through the reins to the bit on the bars of the mouth when the head is raised beyond the desired height. This will then encourage the horse to lower their head.

Running martingale stops should also be used as they go between the martingale rings and the bit to ensure that the rings do not get caught where the reins meet the bit.

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